1. Counter Balance Lift Truck (Forklift) Code F1 (3T) Code F2 (7T) Code F3 (15T)
This is a 1 week course Consists of 1 Day Theory, 3 Days Practical and 1 Day Assessments

The following Modules are covered:

Lift truck and attachment identification
Parts & Functions
Principles of Operation
Safety rules
Daily checks
Refueling & changing batteries
Mechanical appreciation
Log books
Load recognition
Maneuvering, clearances & practical driving.
2. 360 Degrees Excavator, Tractor Loader Backhoe, Articulated Dump Truck, Front End Loader, Mobile Crane
These courses are done over 2 weeks at our Premises.

The course consists of 2 Days theory, 7 Days practical and 1 Day Assessments.The following Modules are covered:

Parts & Functions
Machine Safety
Daily Checks
Principles of Operation
Mechanical Appreciation
Load Capacity and Range
Practical Operation
For Corporates:
More operator training courses are available such as Overhead crane, Skid steer Loader etc as well as the above, can be done at a venue of your choice. Days of training may vary to the above  depending on what courses we will be doing. Please feel free to contact our offices for more details.

Training available for Private and Corporate. Company Price list available on Request.